Duck Hunts:

Its an adventure every duck hunter should experience to hunt on the legendary Lake Okeechobee. A must for all avid duck hunters. We start the hunt early morning. You will be hunting from an aluminum 18 foot boat with a beautiful decoy spread. Daily bag limit is 6 ducks. We recommend 2 3/4", #4 steel shot or 3" Magnum.
Full Day - $ 300 per hunter
Two person minimum or $450 for one person hunt.

Pheasant Tower Shoots:

Tower shoots start at 8:00am. Mid morning we break for some snacks and cold refreshments. Three hundred pheasants are released per shoot. At the end of the shoot we distribute all the pheasants caught evenly. The tower shoot includes bird cleaning, bird packaging (ziplock freezer bags), and the best southern wild hog barbeque lunch in South Florida. We accomodate for small and large private groups. We recommend high brass 2 3/4" or 3", #4 or #5 lead shot.
Tower Shoot - $ 300 per hunter

Dove Hunts:

Our dove hunts are held over 100 acre cultivated field in which we plant a variety of millet and sun flowers to enhance your wingshooting skills. Dove shoots also depend on the seasonal migration. They take place on Sunday afternoons and offer fast and furious wingshooting. This shoot includes our famous southern wild hog barbeque. Daily bag limit is 12 doves. We recommend 2 3/4", #7.5 lead shot.

Private shoots only please contact Rick.

Quail Hunts:

We hunt the quail from a specially designed 6 wheel drive vehicle with dog cages and high seats for your viewing pleasure. You will experience the finest English Pointers,
Llewellin setters & boykin spaniels at work as they find coveys of quail in their native habitat. Half and full day trips are available Daily bag limit is 12 quails. We recommend 2 3/4", #8 or #9 lead shot.
Half Day - $ 300 per hunter for 2 shooters or more or $425 for single shooters.
Full Day - $600 per hunter for 2 shooters or more.

Turkey Hunts:

We hunt for the most elusive of the turkeys, the Oceola. Legend has it to be the most wary of all the five species in the United States. Our 2500 acre ranch is prime turkey habitat. We have completed numerous grand slams for the more avid turkey hunters and we feel confident in our abilities to do so. The hunts are from blinds in which we attempt to call the gobblers into shotgun or bow range. We guide only the Spring Gobbler season and the hunts begin before daylight. Daily bag limit is one turkey. We recommend 3" Magnum or #4 turkey load.
3 day hunt $2000 (All hunters must have Turkey Permits - $10 for residents and $125 for non residents)

Wild Boar Hunts:

We offer tree stand hunts over feeders 100% fair chase, no high fences and no release hogs.
Logging, Breakfast & Lunch included.

Per Hunter - $ 300 (minimum 2 hunters)
One hog per hunter and additional hogs available for an additional fee.
Hog cleaning included.

Deer Hunts:

The deer hunts are stand only. It's an all day hunt from dawn to dusk. We feel your best chance for trophy buck is from a tree stand. Listen to your guide, have confidence in his ability, experience and enjoy the hunt.
Per Hunt/ Per Day- $ 300 (plus trohphy fees on any buck 8 points or better)
Hunters must adhere to all FWC rules and regulations.

All hunters must have Florida state hunting license & stamps

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